Booking of visits to the Atlantic Islands

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Frequently Asked Questions

- What do I need to make a day visit to the Cies Islands or Ons Island?

For day visits to the Cíes Islands or Ons Island, in addition to the free administrative authorization you can obtain on this website, you must purchase your transport ticket at an authorized shipping company.

- If I want to spend the night on the island, do I need authorization?

Yes, but on this website only day authorizations are issued. For campers, once the reservation is made at the Cíes campsite or Ons campsite, the campsite will process the necessary administrative authorization for the reserved dates.

- How can I get administrative authorization for a day?

You can obtain it on this website by clicking on the GET AUTHORIZATION button on the main page that initiates the authorization process.

- What steps do I have to follow to obtain authorization?

You must complete the information requested in the 4 steps of the process of OBTAINING AUTHORIZATION (data of the reservation, data of the applicant, data of the visitors and confirmation). Once the process is finished, you will obtain a provisional pre-reservation code, with which you have a time of two hours to purchase your ticket from transport in an authorized shipping company: transcorded two hours without acquiring the ticket, the provisional pre-reservation code will no longer be valid and you will have to repeat the authorization process to obtain a new code. Once you have purchased the ticket from an authorized shipping company, you will receive the final administrative authorization at the e-mail address provided or you can download it on this page:

- Where can I buy the transport ticket if I have a provisional pre-reservation to visit the Islands?

You must purchase your transport ticket at an authorized shipping company.

- What are the authorized shipping companies?

To visit Cíes Islands: Click here.
To visit Ons Island: Click here.

- The authorization once issued can be canceled?

Yes, until 15 days before the visit by accessing the option CANCEL AUTHORIZATION/PRE-RESERVE of this website. Enter the authorization number you wish to cancel and a link will be sent to the email address indicated in the request, which you must press, to confirm the cancellation of the authorization. At this time, you must contact the shipping company from which you purchased the ticket to confirm the cancellation of your ticket.

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